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The difference between a Personal Assistant and an Executive Assistant

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

PA and EA are senior staff members who work for senior management directors or executives. There is a small difference between them, but some differences in job functions can help distinguish between the two different titles.

Administrative tasks

Both PA and EA perform a variety of office duties, as part of their work. One of the main differences between the PA and the EA is that the EA is mainly limited to administrative tasks, while the PA normally makes independent decisions and has more functions to be performed. The EA normally spends a considerable amount of time writing and performing other office duties, such as answering the telephone.

Another important difference between them is the shared responsibility that the PA often has with his employer. Many times, administrative assistants will be able to collaborate on projects with their employers and be intimately involved in the details of the project, either research or otherwise. The executive secretary tends to carry out only a research work or according to the instructions of his employer, and without the ability to make independent decisions.

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